Saturday, May 2, 2009

Announcement !

hellooo darlings!! :) we will be away for a short vacation (Mon - Thurs),
hence pls allow us to reply all the mails on 7th May (Thurs) ya! :)
For those who have reserved your items with us,
do let us know if you need your lovelies urgently, we will arrange it for you!
Otherwise, all parcels would be sent right after we're back! <3
p.s: do text 012 9747498 if you need ur lovelies urgently!
miss you peeps!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You will love this!!

Hey love, really sorry for the hiatus!! but no worries, we're back with the biggest massive SALES ever!!! :D so grab them fast, only one piece available for each design!! <3

Never forget to note down your name, address, and phone number to place order. The next shipment will be on this Thursday!

ps: Oh ya, always click on the link for more pictures & info ya!
Kindly text to 012 9747498 for fast deal! :)


All reserved except for white
RM 22

Only available in black
RM 25



Only last piece in gingham checkers

RM 39

available in sexy scarlet, classic black, mystic purple

RM 39

Only bronze available

rosstte belt included!
RM 39

Available in black, brown, white (sold)

RM 29

Available in vintage blue (reserved), brown

RM 28

Only available in yellow

RM 30

reserved - sufi

RM 22

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello peeps!!
Another holiday is just around the corner, here we wish everyone happy holiday & happy chinese new year as well <3
This round we come back with more irresistible pieces, it is just on time for the holiday & the lovey dovey valentine !!
Between, never forget the previous goegous pieces, we have a sales on it, do have a look!! isn't this is the best news to all the shopaholics?!! here you go peeps, feast your eyes on our brand new collection =)
p.s: do drop your order to, payment must be made in 48Hrs ya!!
much love,

grecian goddess

Sexy Scarlet

spot the plait design

the front is beautiful drapey <3>
hide it inside and worn as classic halter dress!!

Classic Black

Turn to a party outfit!! Let's electrify now=D

stretchy back design

Mystic Purple (1 Sold, 1 Pending)

It was uber great to have a dress which can turn to 3 different design!! Romantic dinner - check! Glamour night - check! Corporate function - check! Partayyy night - CHECK!!! Oh gosh, the thick jersey material , plait neck design & drapey front design is soooo grecian <3
made of thick jersey
Fits S to L
Rm 55


- All Gone -

lilac beauty <3

the feminie view

with two-sided pocket!!

gorgeous black <3 href=""> heart the classic bell sleeves!!!

defect spot right above the belt

clearer view on the defect spot.

We love glamour, aren't you too? the luminous thick quality satin is the eye-catcher, and this is not your common plain dress, spot the unique bell sleeves with side pockets; undeniable the best basic piece ever, as you can dress up with all the accessories to create a different you =D
Oh ya, due to the reckless owner, the gorgeous black piece have a mild defect iron print, which is nearly unnoticeable. Anyhow, we will still sell it at a lower price, so this piece is absolutely worth your every penny =) Tell me where can you find gorgeous dress with this price?

p.s: only one piece in each colour

Fits S to L

made of thick quality satin with double lining


Made by Lena